Listing of Public Health Presentations Available from VCHD Staff

Education and communication is an important component of all Vanderburgh County Health Department employees' responsibilities (not just those in our Health Education Division).  Staff from all Divisions here at the VCHD are available to speak to your group or class on at least the topics listed below.  E-mail us at, or call us at the numbers listed at the end of each presentation described below for scheduling and more information.

Adult Immunizations - A discussion of why adults need immunizations too, the diseases they protect against and age-based immunization schedules according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.  High School and Up.  (812) 435-5692

Air Pollution Meteorology – General review of air pollutant types, emission sources, health effects, and local trends. More detailed look at how weather affects pollution levels, and examination of air pollution events. (812) 435-5695

Air Quality and Pollution Alerts – Overview of air pollutant types, emission sources, health effects, and local trends. Forecasting the AQI (Air Quality Index), and what to do every day and especially on air pollution alert days in order to protect the public and avoid health risks from air pollution. (812) 435-5695

Air Quality in Southwestern Indiana – Air quality primer with focus on pollution issues and trends in the tri-state. (812) 435-5695

Bed bugs - Bed Bug biology & advice on preventing bed bug infestations in the home or workplace, and means of control if encountered.  Presentations available for schools, commercial settings, or neighborhood associations. (812) 435-5667

Childhood Immunizations - A discussion on what Childhood immunizations are, the diseases they protect against and age-based immunization schedules according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Included are ways to prepare the child before, during and after the visit.  Open to the public, particularly expectant parents, or parents of children of any age.  This can be tailored to particular audiences i.e. “baby shots”, school age children, teens and tweens.  (812) 435-5997

Common Childhood Communicable Diseases for Childcare Providers - Diseases that require reporting to health department. What constitutes an “outbreak.”  Differences between “required” and “recommended.”  Review of recommendations of several common childhood conditions. Importance of consistency.  Differences between “public health threat” and “public health nuisance.”  (812) 435-5692

Epidemiology in Today’s Society - Focus on Communicable Disease Control.  A quick review of the roles of public health with a segue into communicable diseases and outbreaks. Definition of “outbreak”.  Emphasis on information gathering, control measures and interventions, interdisciplinary cooperation.  Comparison of illnesses and required control measures/interventions.  Emphasis on consistency.  High school and up. (812) 435-5692

Food Protecton - An overview of food safety practices and what inspectors look for to ensure safe food within establishments.  (812) 435-5695

Foreign Travel Safety - A discussion on what vaccines are recommended, the diseases they protect against and when they are given according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.  Includes How to protect yourself from non-vaccine preventable diseases and tips to keep you safe and healthy on your trip.  Open to the public and any travel groups i.e. business, pleasure, tour groups, school groups, missionary groups.  (812) 435-5997

The Hepatides: Hepatitis A, B, and C - A detailed look at the similarities and differences between the different types of hepatitis – concentrating on transmission, prevention and recommended follow-up for Hepatitis A, B, and C.  Treatment advice is NOT given in this program and this program is NOT a substitute for medical care. High school and up. (812) 435-5692

How to Put Together an Effective Exclusion/Readmission Health Policy - Review of requirements and recommendations regarding illness and exclusion/readmission as they pertain to staff and participants of a work or classroom/childcare setting.  (812) 435-5692

Methicillin Resistance Staph Aureus (MRSA) - Transmission, prevention, recommendations.  High school and up.  Can be tailored to various settings i.e. athletes and coaches/athletic settings; preschools and day care settings; long term care.  (812) 435-5692

Mosquitoes - Covers the life cycle of the mosquito, its role in disease transmission, control methods utilized by the Health Department, & means of preventing bites. (812) 435-5667

NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) Basics and History – Brief overview of air pollutant types. Discussion of Clean Air Act provisions regarding the establishment of the NAAQS, attainment designations, and tri-state NAAQS compliance history. Recent NAAQS rulemakings are reviewed, including implication for future compliance and pollution control requirements. (812) 435-5695

Public Health in Today’s Society - Description of responsibilities of public health at the federal, state, and local levels with examples of how each applies in today’s society. High school and up. (812) 435-5692

A Standardized Algorithm for the Management of a Patient with a Positive TB Skin Test and a Suspicious Chest X-Ray - Appropriate for health care personnel at all levels to familiarize them with the appropriate steps in managing a tuberculosis suspect.  (812) 435-5692

Summer Pests - Focuses on the health risks associated with ticks, mosquitoes, & bees/wasps.  Provides tips for avoidance. (812) 435-5667

Tattoos & Body Piercing - Explore the potential complications and learn ways to reduce risks associated with these types of body modification.  (812) 435-5695

Tuberculosis Basic Course - Available to health care providers.  Full day courses cover history, statistics, general information, treatments, case studies plus hands on practicum for administering and reading skin tests. Offered every month.  Approximately 6 hours.  (812) 435-5682

Tuberculosis Overview - Discuss the basics of TB including transmission, detection of infection and disease, and treatment.  Approximately 1 hour.  (812) 435-5682

West Nile Virus - What it is, who is at risk, and what you can do to protect yourself.  (812) 435-5667 


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