Listed below are education programs presented by the Vanderburgh County Health Department Health Education Division.  We use up-to-date information in our programs, and are happy to adapt them to fit your needs. If you would like a presentation on a specific health topic that is not listed, please contact us.

Baby & me – Tobacco Free – Smoking cessation program for pregnant women who smoke which includes prenatal one-on-one counseling and postnatal incentives for moms who stay smoke free. Visit the following link for more information:  link to Baby & me Tobacco Free

Cancer Awareness Program – This program is geared for 18 years on up. It educates on the importance of conducting monthly self-exams to look for lumps.  The program is designed for college classes; however, we will be glad to speak to any group.  The program covers breast cancer, skin cancer, and testicular cancer.

Hand washing 101 – All ages. Hand washing is the single most important means to reduce the spread of infection. This program discusses the why, when, and how of hand washing to prevent over 200 diseases. Kids and Adults alike need to be reminded of this important health topic.

Head Lice Education - Developed for schools, agencies that deal with head lice.  Step-by-step practical information on how to kill lice and get the nits out. Information can be adapted for children.

Nutrition 101 – All ages. The program focuses on the “My Plate” guide to be used for making healthy food choices. Food Groupies are used to educate the younger children.  Programs can be adapted to focus on specific areas of nutrition.

Overview of the Health Department - Available to all agencies and groups who want to know "What does our health department do?"

PreDiabetes Classes - The National Diabetes Prevention Program uses a program that is proven to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, and will help you lower your risk by improving your food choices and increasing physical activity

Preschooler Educational Programs – Vanderburgh County Health Department staff love to present to preschoolers. Some of our more popular health topics we cover for this age group include: ABC Yoga, Hand washing, Healthy Habits, and Food Groupies.  The programs run between 15 to 30 minutes in length.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness – Ages 13 and up. Covers the most common STDs and educates on HIV. This program can be adapted to emphasize abstinence, effects on pregnancy, etc.

Speakers Bureau - A listing of Public Health educational programs provided by other divisions of the Vanderburgh County Health Department.

Stop Smoking Program – Offered throughout the year. Participants must be at least 18, cannot be pregnant, smoke at least one pack a day, and obtain a doctor’s permission slip.  Participants must attend four one-hour classes. Visit the following link for more information and to see when the next set of classes will be held:  link to smoking cessation class info

Stress Management – Any age. Too much stress can affect a person’s health.  This program teaches participants what stress is, signs of stress, and how to deal with stress properly. 

Universal Precautions Training – Provided for any group that needs to be updated annually on Universal Precautions to reduce the spread of diseases.

Weigh Down Program – Free five-week program to encourage residents to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight! These classes are offered throughout the year. Participants must be a resident of Vanderburgh County, attend five classes, be at least 18 years old, and want to lose at least 20 pounds or more. Visit the following link for more information and to see when the next set of classes will be held:  link to weight-loss program information

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